Our publications

Selected articles in professional journals

Wittkuhn, Klaus D.:
Think: What Does Disciplined Inquiry Mean for Our Profession?
in: Performance Improvement Quarterly, 25 (1), 2012

Wittkuhn, Klaus D.:
A Framework for Performance Models
in: Performance Improvement, Volume 50, Number 9, October 2011

Wittkuhn Klaus D.:
Make the World A Better Place: How to Set Up a State Education Inspectorate in an Emerging Nation
in: Performance Improvement, Volume 48, Number 10, November/ December 2009

Wittkuhn, Klaus D.:
Models, Systemic Thinking, and Unpredictability in Consulting
in: Performance Improvement, Volume 43, Number 6

Wittkuhn, Klaus D.:
Systems, Nontrivial Machines, Circular Causality, and Other Ghosts Haunting Performance Improvement Technology
in: Performance Improvement, Volume 43, Number 3

Our books

We systematically publish our know-how to provide targeted support to our participants, coachees and clients.

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