The company

  • InoNet Computer GmbH is a manufacturer of industry computer systems that have to operate and function under specific, extreme conditions such as heat, cold, vibration etc.
  • The products are manufactured to customers’ and mainly utilised in manufacturing and development environments.
  • The challenge

    • Due to InoNet’s strong growth and the diversification of structures, employees were stretched by new management functions.
    • It was decided that a manager development programme, produced very specifically for the company, would be implemented with participation from senior management.
  • The solution

    • Preparatory employee survey so that issues raised by members of staff and addressed to the management team could be incorporated.
    • Foundation module in two teams: Senior management and their reporting line managers and the next level in separate groups. Main focuses: deriving requirements from the employee survey and training in the necessary behaviours, situational leadership and performance mapping.
    • Three further modules in mixed groups; themes: feedback, preparing and conducting performance reviews, information and participation management, interface management, preparing for and leading discussions, promoting motivation and minimising demotivating factors, consistent leadership
    • Every module concluded with at least one transfer project per participant, which was reviewed half way through the time interval between modules and discussed at the beginning of the next module.
    • This was flanked with coaching talks with individual participants and reflection meetings with senior management.

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